Early Access to Kindergarten and 1st Grade


What is Early Access?
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Early Access is offered to those few students who would fully benefit from the opportunity to begin formal schooling early and who would not suffer emotional, social, or developmental setbacks because of early entrance. The Board of Education has approved the option for qualified, highly gifted 4-year-olds wishing to enter kindergarten and 5-year-olds wishing to enter first grade. Early Access was the focus of legislation passed in 2008. The District has filed a plan with the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) for implementation of the law and its accompanying Rules and Regulations.

Who is Early Access intended for?

Early Access is a way for highly gifted students to enter kindergarten or 1st grade early. Early Access has been mistakenly thought of as a way to test into kindergarten when a student has missed the cut-off. However, it isn't designed for students that missed the cut-off. It is designed for students that are highly advanced (cognitively and academically).

Very few children qualify for Early Access under the strict CDE guidelines. Four-year-olds wishing to enter kindergarten early must be so advanced that they already demonstrate nearly all the skills taught in kindergarten. Those wishing to bypass kindergarten and enter first grade early must be very advanced in reading or pre-reading skills and in mathematical concepts and processes. The following shows the CDE criterion for Early Access Identification:

CDE Early Access criteria
The Early Access process for the 2020-2021 school year is currently on hold.
The district has a task force looking at kindergarten entrance age requirements and Early Access. Information will be updated as decisions are finalized. If you have any questions, you may call Bev Jebe, GT Administrative Assistant at 254-6903.


Characteristics of Young Gifted Students

What is the District process?

Procedures for Disagreements for Early Access

For CDE information on the law, please view CDE Early Access Guidelines.

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