SECTION I: Instruction

Section I contains policies, regulations and exhibits on the instructional program. This section covers basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources and academic achievement. It includes policies about the school year, school day, grading, graduation requirements, home schooling, school library and media center, textbook selection and adoption, field trips, teaching methods and school ceremonies.

shanna durham [9:50 AM]
Policy Date Title
IB 04/16/1991 Academic Freedom
IC/ICA 11/19/2002 School Year/School Calendar
IGA 04/16/2019 Curriculum Development
IHAMB(1) 06/19/2018 Comprehensive Health Education
IHB 11/19/2002 Class Size
IHBA 11/19/2002 Programs for Students with Disabilities
IHBA-R 7/11/2011 Programs for Students with Disabilities
IHBB 12/14/2004 Gifted and Talented Education
IHBD 11/18/2003 Compensatory Education (Title 1)
IHBF 11/19/2002 Homebound Instruction
IHBG 09/19/2017 Home Schooling
IHCD 04/16/2019 Concurrent Enrollment and Post Secondary Institution
IHCD-R 11/14/2019 Concurrent Enrollment and Post Secondary Institution
IIJ 03/20/2018 Instructional Resources Selection & Adoption
IIK 02/20/1996 Performance Contracting (Independent Contractors)
IJL 11/19/2002 Library Materials Selection
IJL-R 11/19/2002 Library Materials Selection & Adoption
IJOA 11/19/2002 Field Trips
IJOA-R 11/16/2004 Field Trips
IJOC 11/19/2002 School Volunteers
IKA 01/19/2016 Grading/Assessment Systems
IKA-R 01/19/2016 Grading/Assessment Systems
IKC 12/10/2019 Weighted Grades
IKE 04/20/2004 Performance-based Policy - Promotion & Retention of Students, Grades K-8
IKF 05/28/2019 Graduation Requirements
IKF(2) 05/28/2019 Graduation Requirements
IKFB 04/07/2015 Graduation Exercises
IMB 11/19/2002 Teaching About Controversial Issues
IMBA 12/13/2011 Digital Media and Video Use
IMBA-R 12/13/2011 Digital Media and Video Use Procedures
IMC 04/19/2011 Animals on School Premises
IMC-R 05/28/2019 Animals on School Premises
IMC-R(2) 07/03/2019 Therapy Dogs on School Premises
IMDA 10/19/2004 Patriotic Exercises
IMDA-R 09/21/2004 Patriotic Exercises
IMDB 07/11/2011 Flag Displays

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